Duo Ponte is a professional get-together of musicians who, through their own music interpretations, are looking to rise above the cultural differences between Europe’s North and South, between East and West, and even those of the New World.

In the ambient music of Duo Ponte there live worlds in complete harmony which would have otherwise dissolved, whilst music traditions merge into a new narrative of the past.

Music is the sturdiest bridge between passing time and eternity, between the Earth and Sky. Duo Ponte is a constructor of that bridge, a constructor of a ‘rainbow arc’ of traditions which connects the past to the future. Their music is a wide, open road leading to the unfathomable which is intended for those who understand and enjoy music.


‘Those who know how to listen, will be blessed. – Duo Ponte


ALJA PETRIC is an architect who has replaced the drawing up blueprint plans with the writing down a melodic line on staff paper. She embarked on her music career only after she had received proper education, cooperating by now with musicians who play jazz or ethno music. In her artistic expression she is cooperating with a number of Slovenian artists, such as Tina Čeh ( the Kalliope Duo), Dejan Berden and JUNEsHELEN.

Also, Alja is studying sound and gong healing vibrations, as well as therapeutic post effects of music on people’s lives. She is now holding weekly sound bath sessions with sounds produced by some truly authentic musical instruments, and is running sound workshops for children.

On account of love for music and her ever present desire to improve herself in this area, it was a mere question of time when and where her hidden and silky voice was to reveal the magic of music landscapes of guitar virtuoso Damjan Stanišić. It was after this encounter that the spectacular scenery alongside the river Mura was lit by a light coming from the sky and spreading in all directions.


DAMJAN STANIŠIĆ With his ideas, his special approach to things, his wide breadth of knowledge, Damjan Stanišić has strongly influenced the quality of pedagogical standards and of the guitar playing in Slovenia itself.

He earned his Master’s degree in Belgrade. He is actively performing as a soloist, but is no less enthusiastic about playing chamber music, working alongside such people as Edin Karamazov, Amadej Herzog, Melanija Gradečak, Cveto Kobal, Saša Vasić...). He performs in festivals as well. He has given more than 300 concerts in the past ten years. He also takes part in a number of music-literary projects (Štefan Kardoš,...).

He was a founder and managing director of the Mura Guitar Festival. He regularly gives masterclasses both at home and abroad and his students have won a number of impressive awards.

Anyone looking on or listening to this herald of new aesthetics in terms of music and sound, has only one thing on their mind – authentic and intimate love for Music. His playing is a touch of magic. Even if you keep your eyes closed you can see Her Majesty Music and an Artist unconditionally committed to art.